Crack Magazine hosted our final talk on the Future of Publishing with Steve Watson, (founder of Stack magazines and publisher at The Church of London) Hanna Hanra, (founder and editor of The Beat and formerly P.i.X) and Bill Prince (Deputy Editor of GQ.)

Editors of Crack, Jake and Tom, led us through topics of debate such as the decline in paid for publications, the rise of the web and whether this had a positive effect for journalism and publishing, followed by the panels thoughts on the future: will print cease to exist? What are the most important avenues for maintaining future revenue in publishing?

After tackling each area with thoughtful vigour the discussion was opened out to the floor, leading to GQ quashing the notion of print as a dying phenomenon, deciding that magazines will always have a place in peoples hearts.

We hope that this is the case; whatever the outcome the ün-establishment undoubtedly finished on a high (followed by the infamous after party…)

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